Rush Sportster Full System Exhausts
Rush Sportster  Full System Exhausts - 2-1 Performance Systems, Mid-length, Short Style, replacement tips - at MD Racing - a one stop performance shop for your motorcycle needs on the street and on the race track.

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Rush Sportster Full System Exhausts Rush Sportster Full System Exhausts    2004-2013

Rush introduces a complete line of full-pipe systems for the Sportster models. These are available in chrome and black ceramic. Every head pipe is coated wih exclusive 1700o ceramic to ensure excellent heat dissipation. 

tipFull Systems come standard with 3522-R1R tip. Different tips can be purchased separately. See our performance tip page.

All Rush Full Systems are manufactured in the USA and are proudly built to the same high quality standards as their mufflers.

2-1 Performance Systems | Mid- length CrossOver | replacement tips

year / model description baffle size part # retail / our price

2-1 Performance Full Systems      

2 into 1   w/ O2 bung      black   
w/ 3522-R1R tip  

( compatible with 3500 series tips )
2.00" 62-6767 8140-200 $689.95
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04-06 models without O2 sensors require
O2 sensor plug #626496
  62-6496 Plug01 $6.95
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BAFFLES for 2:1 systems
baffle & mat kit - chrome (each ) baffle      
  Full System Baffles Compatible w/all 2:1
(Except "Wrath")
2.00" 62-5385 152012DB-1 $49.95add to cart
2.25" 62-5386 152215DB-1 $49.95 add to cart
2.50" 62-5387 152515DB-1 $49.95 add to cart

2-2 Mid-Length CrossOver Full Systems


7040SL2 into 2   w/ O2 bung   chrome  
multi-directional slash tip  
1.75" 62-6520 7040SL-175 $719.95
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7040ST2 into 2   w/ O2 bung   chrome  
straight cut tip  
1.75" 62-6536 7040ST-175 $719.95
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BAFFLES  for 2:2 systems - 70 series
baffle & mat kit - chrome (pr ) baffle 1.75" 62-6745 703412 $59.95 add to cart

Replacement Tips for  70 series Full Systems   -  Chrome

angle cut tip multi directional angle cut tip 62-6499
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straight cut tip straight cut tip 62-6498
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