Woodcraft Swingarm Spools
Woodcraft Swingarm spools available at MD Racing - one stop performance shopping for your motorcycle needs on the race track and on the street.

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Swingarm Spools

Woodcraft spools have wide grooves that make locating the stand easier.
Raised lips on either side give them an unparalleled hold on the stand.

Swingarm slider spools
27-3600 6mm $29.99 add to cart
27-3800 8mm $29.99 add to cart
27-3801 8mm - 2 steps $29.99 add to cart
27-3100 10mm $29.99 add to cart
27-3110 10mm w/1 offset $29.99 add to cart
27-3120 10mm w/2 offsets $33.99 add to cart
27-0410 10mm spool spacer $2.50 add to cart
27-1099 slider spool replacement puck $10.99 add to cart


Aluminum Swingarm spools
27-0600 6mm - titanium $17.99 add to cart
27-0600B 6mm black $17.99 add to cart
27-0600C 6mm blue $17.99 add to cart
27-0600R 6mm red $17.99 add to cart
27-0800 8mm titanium $17.99 add to cart
27-0800B 8mm black $17.99 add to cart
27-0800C 8mm blue $17.99 add to cart

ti  blk    red  blue