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XT Lap Timers

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XT Ultra Receiver
XT  lap timer receiver

Racers & Track Day Riders
MDR has these versatile lap timers in stock now!
The new improved
XT lap timer receiver
thinner receiver (the box with the display) — .7" thick as opposed to 1.15"
The Ultra-Lap receiver enclosures (both the LCD head and the IR receiver) are machined from billet aluminum. This provides superior strength and durability, and prevents serious damage to the eletronics even in the most severe crashes.
Records ambient temperature for each session.
Tracks may be picked from a list so you don't have to re-enter a track name when you are switching from one track to another. Saves on tedious data entry.
Displays average lap time for each session, as well as best and worst lap time.
Lower power consumption for longer battery life. Uses one AA battery instead of two AAA batteries.
XT  lap timer receiverImproved infrared sensitivity.
see other features listed below

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2' cable
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Keep track of your lap time progress and improvement all day long thru comparative analysis - all in real time.

XT Ultra Lap Timer Receiver
xt mini lap receiver top


  • Stores up to 40 laps, replacing oldest laps first once it is full
  • Minimum Lap Time feature prevents false triggering
  • Customizable hold time lets you decide how long to display your last lap on screen
  • 2 infrared eyeballs, one on each side of the Mini, allow for transmitter set up on either side of the track
  • Small, lightweight, ABS plastic housing allows the Mini to fit in the smallest of cockpits
  • Custom segmented LCD so lap times appear clear and crisp on screen
  • Powered by small CR2032 watch battery
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The XT Ultra-Lap

  • Bright blue for easy visibility
  • Extra powerful transmissions with 8 Xt transmitterinfrared LEDs
  • Runs on either 4 internal AA batteries (not included) or an external 12V lead-acid battery for extra long life and extra power.
  • 6' external power cable (included) with alligator clips for quick and easy connection to a lead-acid battery
  • Low battery indicator — blinks green when batteries are good, red when batteries are low
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Download cable
& software
download softwareClick image to enlarge

  • Download lap and track information to the PC
  • Displays all data in a spreadsheet grid
  • Allows editing of all lap information
  • Graphs up to 5 sets of laps
  • Print the data grid or graph
  • Exports the data to a format compatible with Excel and other spreadsheet programs
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GPX  Pro 4 & GPX Pro 8
gpx pro

  • GPS-based lap times to 1/100 seconds
  • Track maps with full data analysis capabilities
  • Min/Max RPM and speed for each lap
  • Automatic track recognition and start/finish line setup
  • Add up to 5 splits and adjust them at any time
  • Store hundreds of laps and sessions
  • Tachometer input with digital pickup or inductive wrap
  • 8 Adjustable LED RPM and shift lights
  • Hour meter and total miles/kilometers traveled
  • GPS speed and 5 data acquisition channels
  • Data acquisition inputs selectable
  • Built in GPS receiver/antenna or optional external antenna
  • Huge 240x160 backlit 32 shade grey scale graphics display
  • Design your own screen layouts
  • Dimensions - 4.53" (115mm) x 3.07" (78mm) x 0.84" (21.3mm)
  • 3-axis accelerometer records and graphs your racing g's
  • Selectable modes - Circuit Racing, Point-to-Point, Drag Racing
  • Acceleration and braking tests
  • Internal rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Fast USB download
  • choose 4 or 8 channels of data acquisition



GPX Pro 4
gpx pro
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    GPX Pro 8
gpx pro

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Data acquisition kit for GPX Pro
for motorcycles

Looking to wire your ride to allow your GPX to collect data? With our wiring kits, you can be sure your data connections are solid and reliable. Each kit comes with a set of Scotchlok connectors and a length of our preferred wire. We'll even supply you with color coded wire to match the wiring on your GPX so you can be sure you're running your data signals to the right pickup. The excellent Scotchlock connectors assure that you can tap into the data signals without the hassle of soldering or cutting sensitive wiring inside your vehicle.

The GPX motorcycle kit comes with 20 Scotchlok connectors and 10 color coded wires 6 feet in length; enough to wire even the largest motorcycle for GPX use. Each kit is designed to make wiring your ride for data acquisition as simple as possible.

Additional sets of GPX Pro cables are available if you want to wire multiple vehicles for use with one GPX. So, now you are free to wire all of your race bikes to collect data on a single GPX or record your pit bike movements with super-accurate data acquisition or even wire up your daily commuter vehicle to find the fastest way to work!

wire kit  

Data acquisition kit

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GPX Pro 4 & GPX Pro 8
Breakout Boxes

The sensor breakout box (available for both the GPX Pro 4 and GPX Pro 8) provides a plug-and-go solution for XT Racing's line of sensors. Simply connect the cables to the GPX Pro, add power and start adding sensors

breakout box

GPX Pro 4
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GPX Pro 8
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An extensive line of sensors is available to expand the cababilties of the GPX Pro, including:




  • temperature sensors sensor

    XT Racing thermistor temperature sensors are designed as an econmoical solution for your temperature measurement applications. With a range up to 150 C and 4 thread sizes available, their no place they won't fit.

    Power supply requirement - 5Vincluded with GPX Pro 8, GPX Pro 4 breakout box or GPX Pro 8 breakout box)

SE03-M6 : thermistor temperature sensor (M6 thread)
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SE03-M8 : thermistor temperature sensor (M8 thread)
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SE03-M10 : thermistor temperature sensor (M10 thread)
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SE03-M12 : thermistor temperature sensor (M12 thread)
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  • pressure sensors sensor

    XT Racing pressure sensors offer a high quality solution for your pressure measurement applications. Available in 2,000 psi and 150 psi, their use ranges from brake pressure to fuel pressure to oil pressure. With an IP65 stainless steel body it is rugged enough for the most demanding scenerios.

    Power supply requirement - 12V battery voltage

SE01 : 150 psi pressure sensor
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SE02 : 2000 psi pressure sensor
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potentiometer sensors sensors

These top of the line linear position sensors measure and record position in real time. Commonly used, but not limited to measuring suspension travel, throttle position, steering head angle (motorcycle) and any other type of linear motion.

Power supply requirement - 5V (included with GPX Pro 8, GPX Pro 4 breakout box or GPX Pro 8 breakout box)

SE04-50 : linear potentiometer sensor (50mm travel)
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SE04-75 : thermistor potentiometer sensor (75mm travel)
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SE04-100 : thermistor potentiometer sensor (100mm travel)
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SE04-150 : thermistor potentiometer sensor (150mm travel)
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inductive speed sensor sensor

The inductive speed sensor can be used to detect any ferrous metal for speed or frequency measurements. The sensor combines high frequency response with good sensing distance to allow you to log your speed with very high accuracy.

Power supply requirement - 12V battery voltage

SE10-M8 : inductive speed sensor (M8 thread)
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Combine these with the sensor breakout box for a simple plug-and-go solution.
Ducati I/R
  • Compatible with our standard transmitter,
  • XT Racing's Ducati I/R is designed to work with the stock lap timers that come fitted on the 749, 848, 999, 1098, 1198, Hypermotard and D16RR models.
  • Simply plug it in, mount it, set your dash to 'LAP ON'
  • Ducati I/R will automatically trigger the on-board timing system when you cross the transmitter's beam.  ducati I/R

The only aftermarket Ducati trigger, the Ducati I/R weighs in at a fraction of the cost of Ducati official I/R (about $1000). Milled from billet aluminum and fitted with an 18" cable, the Ducati I/R can be mounted on either side of your bike. The Ducati I/R packs the same reliability and functionality you've come to expect from other XT Racing products without emptying your wallet.

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XT Holder

The all-new XT Holder is machined from billet aluminum XT holderand is hard anodized for durability. The XT Holder is compatible with the Ultra-Lap, Mini-Lap and GPX Pro and comes in 7 different sizes for mounting on a variety of motorcycle fork tubes.

order by fork size

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Additional XT Lap-Timer FEATURES:

  • Simple consistent, 4-button user interface
  • Extra-large, bold lap times are 0.6" (15mm) in height for easy visibility
  • Unique "auto turn-on" feature — "turn it on and forget it" — turn it on first thing on the morning of a race day and never worry about missing a lap again. The unit will auto turn-off but will automatically turn back on when it crosses the transmitter beam.
  • Auto power-down for extended battery life
  • At the end of a lap, a flashing green or red light indicates a faster or slower lap than the previous.
  • Accurate to 1/100 second per lap
  • Store approximately 2,000 laps/split times — for many, a full season of racing
  • Each stored lap contains the following information:
    • Time of the lap, accurate to 1/100 second
    • Date and time of the lap
    • The track (or other identification) of the lap
    • A unique session identifier (to differentiate each race or practice session)
    • An indication if was the best lap of that session
  • Extensive customization via easy-to-use English menus:
  • Laps per race/session: 1-99 or do not count (lap countdown)
  • Minimum lap time: 1-250 seconds
  • Lap hold time (time the lap display is frozen at the end of a lap): 1-250 seconds
  • Display contrast/brightness setting: 31 levels
  • Enter name of track or other identification (stored with each lap): up to 12 characters
  • Option to display, at end of race, the first lap of session, the last lap of session or the fastest lap of session
  • Enable or disable the green/red flashing LED
  • Auto turn-off time: 1-30 minutes
  • Enable or disable the auto-turn-on feature
  • Easily set the current date and time
  • Enter 1 or 2 lines of personalization information: up to 20 characters per line
  • Quick deletion of all stored laps
  • Device reset to factory settings
  • Device can be persionalized with 2 lines of data: e.g.,
    This information shows up on the main screen so if the unit is misplaced, its owner can be identified
  • Main screen shows date and time
  • Main screen has a battery level indicator that shows when the batteries need to be replaced
  • Uses 1 readily-avaliable inexpensive AA battery
  • Ability to download all lap data to a PC using the optional download module. Includes software to organize, store and graph lap data.

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