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Vesrah Brake PadsVesrah brake pads - RJL
Sintered -
for track/race use

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brakepad types
brakepad info
Vesrah has three different kinds of  high performance racing brake pads

The characteristics of three high performance pads are:
(a)superior stopping power without fade,
(b)good initial bite with low lever effort,
c) very low bed-in time, and
d) no warping of back plate. 
Besides, you won't need to change brake pads for endurance races over 8 hours.

If you have problems with braking,
such as less stopping power, quick wearing, etc; please try Vesrah High Performance Brake Pads at your next race or track day.


  • harder backing plate
  • more initital bite
  • no bedding in required

Vesrah RJL brake pads


  • has linear feel
  • more you pull lever, the more bite
  • progressive feel
  • initial bite but more torque as time increases
Vesrah SRJL17  brake pads
  • slightly less initial bite than SRJL
  • slight progressive feel
  • more power
  • no fade
Vesrah  SRJLXX brake pads

2 cards required / 1 per caliper         1 CARD = 1 SET                  JL's also available

All of the following Vesrah Brake Pads prices are subject to change without notice!!!

**every bike requires 2 sets of brake pads**        2 CARDS = 2 SETS

All of the above Vesrah Brake Pads prices are subject to change without notice!!!

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