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Generation III Dual Temps

All new Woodcraft warmers - Packed with new features
New Features

  • Polartec Windpro -  new thermal fabric -blocks 95% of wind
  • New Thermostats - hold tighter temp ranges
  • New Construction - double stiched with Nomex thread

Voltage: All Woodcraft tire warmers are designed to run off a 120V power source. Generator users will need 1000 watts minimum to run a set.  

tire warmers
front tire warmer
rear tire warmer

Free duffel bag carry case with every set               $439.99 add to cart    #30-2100


Even Heat Distribution - with the small gap heating element

Great Insulation -

Fleece side curtains not only shield the tire from the wind but also help retain heat so the whole rim warms up

1 piece velcro strap secures the warmer to the tire with no hooks or cords getting in the way. 


LED Indicator Light - Pick your tire temp with the flick of a switch - the display 'on' light is red and turns to green when the tire is at temperature.

safety disconnect cord, cuts power to the warmer as soon as you take it off the tire

also available: same features as 30-2100 Tire Warmers

30-2105 Gen III Dual Temp Tire Warmers - 150 Series

Gen 3 Tire Warmers Fit Up to a 150 Series Rear Tire $439.95 ADD TO CART

carry cases available


softThis canvas carry case is a convenient way to transport your tire warmers to and from the racetrack.

An additional bag can be used to organize other gear & accessories; like boots, gloves, socks, tear-offs, spares, etc.  

$19.99 add to cart



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