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suspension services, penske shockSuspension Services   
Suspension services, Penske Shocks

We are an Authorized Penske Suspension Center and feature Penske components in our work
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MDR offers a wide range of suspension services. These services will enhance the performance of any motorcycle.

You can have the fastest motor in the world. BUT... that's not where the rubber meets the road.

It all starts with tires attached to suspension components. Let MDR tune yours up. You won't believe the difference.


The Penske shock is completely owner rebuildable and revalvable if desired, resulting in fewer costly and timely service calls to the shop.

Three options are available for a wide range of Compression adjustments and the twenty-five click rebound adjuster offers extra fine rebound tuning. Integral reservoir contains increased nitrogen volume for more consistent damping over a long race. A floating piston separates the nitrogen from the oil, rather than a bladder type device that can fail. Fully CNC machined 7075-T6 aluminum construction with a hard anodized finish, makes this unit both light weight and strong. Heavy duty 5/8" diameter chrome plated stainless steel shaft.

The best spring available, matched to the rider's weight and adjustable spring pre-load.
High quality spring steel valve shims make up the main piston valving, which can be changed by the owner to customize the damping characteristics of the shock. Low friction / stiction shaft bearing and high quality seals and wiper to keep out dirt. Adjustable length eyelet to maximize rear ride height without removing the shock from the motorcycle.

Change Fork Oil -1st fork leg (Oil Extra)  
Change Fork Oil -2nd fork leg (Oil Extra)  
Straighten fork triple tree  
Straighten fork tubes - conventional only / per tube  
Change Fork Seal(Conventional)/ per fork (seals and oil extra)
Change Fork Seal (Upside down)/ per fork $ (seals and oil extra)

Install Penske Fork and Compression Rebound Valves - $ call for pricing
Fork removal / reinstall on you bike is extra call on or email request
Rear shock oil change / fresh nitrogen ( Penske, Stock, Fox, Ohlins) call:
Straighten fork legs  

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