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If you are not a qualified engine builder and are not aware of all the nuances of engine building, we highly suggest that you stop installing your parts purchased at once. Please contract a qualified individual to complete the work. It will cost a lot more to fix the damage than to prevent it.

MDR does not warranty any performance, OEM, or aftermarket product from any company for any reason. Product warranties are to be taken up with the manufacturer. See manufacturers warranties for details. This includes any product that alters your motorcycle from stock.

FEES: Current Shop Labor Rates as of Jan.1, 2019 do not apply to any Dynotuning.
            Storage Fees may be applied to your bill if completed work is not picked up
            within 10 days
                         Storage fee rates: $20.00 per day for the 1st 5 days.

                          $35.00 per day therafter for continuing storage.


MDR does not warranty any performance modifications to your motorcycle. Installing performance related parts or making performance modifications to your motorcycle does not necessarily mean that your motorcycle will remain as reliable as stock. Due to the design of your stock motorcycle any modification or after market part designed to increase performance may stress original equipment parts beyond the manufactures stated parameters. Modifying your motorcycle from stock may alter the driveability of the motorcycle, especially at low rpm and off idle. It may not be as streetable as when it was stock. If this a concern for you, we suggest that you leave your motorcycle stock.

MDR guarantees that all work performed is quality workman-ship. Any performance modification completed in-house by MDR is guaranteed up to the time before installation. MDR does subcontract some of its work. Any warranty of this workmanship is subject to subcontractors discretion. For the guarantee of the workmanship to be in effect, the item in question must be returned to MDR completely untouched by anyone. Failure to do this will null and void any expressed or implied guarantees/warrantees.

MDR valve jobs are guaranteed to be free of defects at the time of installation in the shop or before they are shipped. MDR valve jobs are vacuum tested before they are installed or shipped to assure quality. It is up to the customer or installer to recheck any parts prior to installation. i.e.. checking to make sure valve keepers are seated correctly. Although MDR does their best to assure that the cylinder heads are ready to bolt on, we cannot guarantee what happens during shipping. Recheck valve clearances after motor has been run.

MDR is not liable for incorrect installations done by the customer or by any other party. Once any item modified by MDR or its sub-contractors is touched by any other party for any reason all expressed and/or implied warrantees or guarantees are null and void.

All items shipped will be inspected for defects prior to shipping. Inspect all items received. You have three days after receipt to notify MDR of any problems.


Returns: All parts returns must be authorized. Parts to be returned must have an RA #. Any parts returned for any reason are subject to a 30% restocking fee for special order items and 25% for in stock items. Returns must be unused, undamaged and in original packaging. Any items returned and not in "resale as new" condition will be returned at the customers expense. New parts have a 5 day return window. Used parts have a three day window. No exceptions will be made. Shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the customer. Shipping costs are not reimbursable. New parts are considered any part that has full manufacturers warranty. MD Racing makes the sole determination if the part is new.

Refunds on returned purchases made with - 'Free Shipping' included in the purchase price - will have the shipping costs deducted from the refund to cover incurred expenses due to the return of the product.

Order Cancellations: Parts ordered by you the customer and shipped to us from the manufacturer will be subject to a 30% restocking fee if you cancel your order. This fee will be charged to your account immediately upon your cancellation request.

It is 100% the buyers responsibility to make sure they order the proper part. MDR takes no responsibilty for the customer in ordering parts. That includes phone consultations for proper part number. If the customer orders the wrong part, there is no problem to exchange the part. But, be aware that some of my distributors have a restocking fee which will be passed on to the buyer. The buyer will be responsible for all consequential shipping charges. The only time a customer will not be liable is if the actual different part from what was actually ordered was shipped.Then MDR will provide a shipping label for the return and get the correct part out at no cost to the customer. This applies to Continental U.S. customers only.



ORDERING CLOSEOUTS: Call before ordering any closeout part for availability.

Any used part sold by MDR is not guaranteed in any manner. We do assure that the used parts we sell are in usable condition. This assessment is performed by MDR and is not open to interpretation by any other party whatsoever. Use of any used part , ESPECIALLY used performance parts are at the customers own risk. If you want new parts performance, please purchase new parts.

PAYPAL Payments: By using paypal to purchase an item from MDR, the buyer agrees that MDR policies superceed paypal policies. When using paypal as a payment, buyers are still responsible for all paypal fees, shipping charges and are subject to restocking fees.

International customers are responsible for all shipping costs


If a customer initiates a credit card charge back for any reason:

  • The customer agrees to pay MDR
    • the charge back fee that the processor charges
    • any expenses and court costs necessary to collect the chargeback fee
    • fees for time to compile the paperwork in regards to providing documentation in dealing with the charge back - fees will be current shop labor rates.
  • The Customer agrees that the jurisdiction will be in Rock Island county in Illinois, if any judicial ruling need apply.


No cash refunds. In store credit only.

for questions about our warranty policies
call: 309-517-1361 or email: matt

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