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Cobra exhausts  

Cobra Exhaust
for Cruisers

Full Systems   Slip-on Mufflers
  for: honda, kawasaki, suzuki, yamaha
  4" Slip-on Mufflers  
for: honda, kawasaki, yamaha
Complete Exhaust Systems:
for:   honda,   kawasaki,   suzuki,   yamaha
  3" Slip-ons for: honda
Speedster : slashdown,  shortsweptlong 
for: honda, kawasaki, suzuki, yamaha
  Tri-Flo Slip-ons
for: honda, kawasaki
PowerPro / Power Pro HP  2-1
for: suzuki, yamaha
  Slip-on Mufflers -
slash cut, drag, 6-2-6
for: honda, kawasaki, suzuki, yamaha
StreetRod   for: honda, suzuki    
True Duals    for: kawasaki    
Boulevard Complete Exhaust Systems
for: Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha


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